The Lonely Path

An online exploration game. It's still on a very early stage, so be nice. Anyway, you can PLAY what's already done.

Find a Way

A game about a white thing that has to fight red things and find small black things. PLAY it.

World Scale Contention

Trying to mix Civilization and a zombie catastrophe, this game's called World Scale Contention. You can read all about it in its devlog.

Processing stuff

I love Processing, so if you like it, or if you love it, well... Here's some processing stuff I've made.


Check out this video of what my students at UVM did for their Digital Illustration course. I have been a teacher there and in a couple of other universities in Chile, covering the topics of technology applied to contemporary art.


This is the music I make. LISTEN to it **ONLY** if you like electronic, relaxed but cerebral stuff.


I did a Master in Geography in Chile. What i most loved about it was the possible mixture between arts, GIS, and interactivity on maps. This is the blog of my thesis.


From time to time I do contemporary art with my friends. We usually make two exhibitions per year. We have showed our work in several galleries and museums over the world, but a constant and growing sense of distrust in the "gallery art" concept has kept us always kind of indie. If you like this pic, you may also like the rest of INCAS OF EMERGENCY art.